Brenda Washington

Brenda Washington

Brenda Washington – Owings Mills, MD

Ms. Washington was a mother of grown children when she was faced with the tragic loss of her older sister to a brain tumor. Before her sister passed away she asked if Ms. Washington would raise her twin boys who were 7 yrs old at the time. Brenda promised her sister she would gladly take care of her boys and see out her wishes. The twins are now 15 yrs old and “Aunt Brenda” was able to purchase her first home through DHD where the boys have their own rooms and are living comfortably.

Nephew Justin, “I thought it was perfect for us. As soon as I saw I loved it. My brother and I were claiming rooms immediately.”

Nephew Jason, “The process took long, but I am happy now. I love our house.”

Brenda Washington “I am a living testimony that this can happen for anybody. What God has for me is for me. They had three bids and mine was the lowest and they picked me over the other bids because I had sure money with the NSP program. I am now a true homeowner. Thanks Diversified!”